Aaron Associates understands how to successfully design and manage complex SCADA systems. Our business model breaks down project life-cycle components into manageable tasks that create opportunities for our specific Engineers to contribute their expertise along the way. This Team-oriented approach combines product knowledge and application experience to the task at hand resulting in a more effective integrated system. Combined with our use of the latest technologies from leading manufacturers you’re supported with us for the long-term.


  • ­Product Selection and Submittals
  • ­Application to the Process
  • ­NEMA Ratings and Area Classifications
  • ­Installation and Supervision
  • Configuration, Calibration, Documentation



Hardware Engineering

  • ­Product Selection and Submittals
  • Design Consulting
  • As-Built CAD Engineering Diagrams
  • Electrical Schematics and Control Loop Methods
  • Control Panel Design, Retrofitting, Cutovers and Upgrading
  • PLC Architectures
  • Motors and Variable Frequency Drives
  • Network Architectures and the Physical Layer


Software Engineering

  • ­Control Strategy Interpretation and Design
    Design Consulting
  • PLC Programming
  • Larger Supervisory Plantwide SCADA (Server/Client) Development
  • Smaller Machine-level Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) Development
  • Closed Loop PID Controls
  • Communication Drivers and Protocols
  • Alarm Management
  • Historical Data Collection
  • Reporting and Trending
  • Network Architectures and the Application Layer


houseRemote Communications & Access

  • ­Wireless Radio
  • Secure VPN
  • Leased Line
  • Dial-up POTS
  • Cellular



Maintenance, Onsite Startup & Support


  • Instrumentation Troubleshooting
  • Annual, or Periodic,
    Flow Calibrations
  • Control Loop Inspection and Troubleshooting
  • Control Panel Repairs and Modifications
  • SCADA Enhancements and Upgrades (from the configured program to the operating system)
  • Light Electrical Work


hardhat&plans2Project Management

  • Experienced and Qualified
  • Schedule-oriented and Deadline Focused
  • Efficient and Budget Conscience
  • Excellent Communicators
  • Solution Providers


With your goals in mind, we always aim to meet or
exceed expectations and return high value.




"Aaron Associates has not only worked with us to develop our hardware and software solutions for integrating an impressive SCADA system tailored for our industry, but they have done so with great accuracy and within budget. Their staff is very professional, efficient and pleasant to deal with
- I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."
- Springfield, MA
Regional WWTF

"It is a real pleasure to work with your Engineers. They really listen to us and solve our problems."
- City of Waterbury, CT

"Aaron has performed excellently on this project
and in many cases well beyond the contract requirements. If you look at their laboratory testing of (field devices) and the like you see a commitment and quality far beyond a lot of instrument engineering firms."
- Manchester, CT
WWTF project

"As always, the service you provide is the best."
- City of Westfield, MA

"It was a pleasure doing business with your company. Your technicians were very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to assist."
- Yonkers, NY

"You've been here since the beginning and we've trusted you for [>10] years now. We wouldn't know what we'd do without you."
- City of Shelton, CT